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BenMo Block

BenMo Block is a paid DeFi community in China, in which many advance blockchain players are actively dwelling. The community was established in 2017 by Super Jun, aiming to catch up with the development of blockchain, from off-chain arbitrage, on-chain Dapp arbitrage, node arbitrage, to DeFi mining.

It is currently the largest DeFi community in China, with blockchain investors who have the strongest skills and capitals. According to incomplete statistics, the mining funds of the community are as high as billions of US dollars. Most mainstream DeFi protocols have the presence of Benmo community members.

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Founder Introduction

The core leader of the community, Mr Guanggeng Wu, is the most famous bitcoin KOL in China with 170K followers on Weibo@SuperBitcoin. Starting his Bitcoin investment journey in 2012, he is the most influential DApp and Defi evangelist in China. He is currently the adviser of both Poolin Mining Pool and Bixin.

He founded BenMo community in 2017 and made it the most active community in Dapp industry. He then led the community to focus on DeFi yield farming in 2020. Nowadays, the community has grown rapidly, significantly influencing the DeFi field and becoming an essential focus to the Chinese CEXs.

OUR teaching

BenMo Academy

Immersive in-class practices

DeFi Entry
understand the "BenMo" philosophy
understand the compositions of DeFi's Lego world
get familiar with hardware wallet and basic operations
understand the mechanisms behind mainstream protocols and start yield farming in action
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the 6th enrolment has ended

DeFi Intermediate
learn how to interact with smart contracts
discern opportunities
maximize yields
understand finance theories
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DeFi Advance
unlock various "blind box" techniques
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Bitcoin Advance
advanced thinking
advanced hodling
advanced technical skills
advanced lifestyle
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BenMo Labs

BenMo Labs endeavors to become the most influential community fund in China. A brand-new fund model different from the traditional funds will bring more high-quality projects to the Chinese Defi community.

Fund Manager

Zi Yu is one of the most influential crypto players in China. Back in 2017, she started her blockchain career in Bi Xin, responsible for brand promotion. She connects with both domestic and foreign crypto communities extensively. Through self-learning, she rapidly grows and become one of the industry KOLs. With five years of investment experience, she possesses a unique vision and insights in exploring high-quality blockchain projects.

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Partner Recommendations

“DeFi is an algorithmic belief: countless smart people build data walls, give obscure wealth climbing a way out, give all those inside the walls identities, see the flickering bonfire and real life. I like how Super shares his own experience of making money, empathizing and growing together with his community members. I don't know how long DeFi is going to last, but people must participate wholeheartedly. As Nobunaga Oda sang: 'Life only lasts for a couple of decades, compared with the longevity of the world, it is like a dream and a fantasy', make sure you don't miss it.”
Yishi Wang
Founder of OneKey
“Mr. Wu Guanggen is one of the most inspiring teachers on my journey of blockchain investment and arbitrage. Of all the people I know, he is almost the only one who truly loves to share the money-making experience with others. The community 'BenMo Block', founded by Mr. Wu, is an exceptional school for whoever wants to enter the business, for it adheres to its investment philosophy of 'Hodl the core, prosper the cusp.' while teaches how to win in practical scenarios.”
Xiong Yue
Early Bitcoin Advocate
“'If we want to be the protagonist of history, we need to solve and get rid of the bad accidents as soon as possible and lead good chances to the inevitable.' This is Nanami Shiono's comment on how the Roman nation succeeded in a series of accidents. The same applies to Bitcoin and personal relationships — everyone has ups and downs in their abilities and circumstances, but we can't overlook the element of luck when it comes to encountering Bitcoin or getting rich from it. Therefore, how to maintain such wealth in the long run is an essential issue at hand. Think carefully, Benmo's investment philosophy that our good friend Super Jun always advocates is the answer! I recommend that you join this community to learn the 'hodl the core, prosper the cusp' thinking. Transform the randomness of the era and circumstances into a long-term inevitable.”
Haibo Wang
Bitcoin Believer
“Hard working can't make you rich but BenMo can.”
Bitcoin Hardcore Player
“No risk is often the most significant risk. Those who deposit money in the bank feel no risk, but their wealth has been shrinking. Participating in blockchain means making choices between numerous risks and opportunities daily, eliminating noise and maximizing returns with the least trading friction.As Super Jun always puts his soul in the game, he can lead 'BenMo Block' community to find the gems in the market. His long-term accumulation of practical experience has made him a humanoid encyclopedia of blockchain knowledge.”
Yaoyuan Lu
“The DeFi world can be a dark forest, full of thorns; it can also be a peach blossom paradise, where the grass is fresh, and the falling flowers are colourful. The community is such an oasis, opening the door of the DeFi world and bringing light to investors. Only those who have experienced burning liquidations appreciate the stability of hodling. Only those who have borne the loss in high-risk liquidity pools understand the sweetness of staking pools. BenMo guides you to discover the essence of investment, comprehend the new financial order so that you can find your long slope, thick snow, be in the game and make a fortune eventually.”
Chris Li
DeFi Rising KOL
“For many years, people who have been in the world of Bitcoin, staying in business and still hodling, require a mind or methodology of their own. I genuinely appreciate and agree Super Jun's 'BenMo' philosophy - 'Hodl the core, prosper the cusp.' The community's promotion and practice of this philosophy have brought great help to the long-term hodlers.”
Buyi Mo
Founder of DMQ